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 graduation ceremony in sgh

His Magnificence Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Deans of Bachelors’ and Master’s Studies are pleased to invite this year’s Graduates to the Graduation Ceremony
The Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 18th. The 2016/2017 graduates will be awarded letters of congratulations.
You will be wearing academic gowns and birettas. The gowns were specially made for you for the occasion and lent by SGH. After the formal ceremony there will be commemorative photos taken together, which will be followed by a cocktail party. 

14:30-16:15    Collection of gowns, birettas, badges and SGH alumni cards
16:30-18.15    Graduation ceremony
18:15-18:45    Photos
18:45-19:15    Return of gowns
19:15-20:15    Treat

Diplomas should be collected at the Dean's Office.





 terms and conditions

1) We kindly invite graduates who defended their theses from 1.10.2016 till 30.09.2017* We will send invitations to all alumni who gave their consent to process their personal data and contact them after leaving the university.
2) Should you need a letter of "invitation to attend" for a visa application, please contact us directly.
3) Please register on-line and make payment by October 31st the latest. 

4) Due to the limited capacity you may invite and register only up to two guests.
5) Organizational details will be send by e-mail to all registered participants after we verify payments, i.e. after November 13th.
6) Cancellation policy:
  • cancellation made until 31 October - you wil get full refund 
  • cancellation made af​ter the registration deadline (31 October) but before 12 November - you will be refunded only the part of the fee for snacks
  • cancellation made after 12 November - you will not get refund.
In the last two cases you will receive your congratulation letter, tube box and biretta by post.
*Alumni graduating after 30.09.2017 (i.e. in the academic year 2017/2018) will be invited to the ceremony next year.


The participation fee in the graduation is to be paid by graduates. The cost of participation amounts to: 
  • 135 zł  - regular fee for gradutes
  • 105  zł - discount fee for the Members of the SGH Alumni Club
  • 50 zł - each guest who has been registered 
Table of fees (in PLN):
​Regular fee
for graduates
​Discount fee for the Members of SGH Alumni Club 
​Graduate ​135 105
​Graduate + 1 guest
​185 155
​Graduate + 2 guests

​235 ​205
The fee includes:
  • a gown (lent for the ceremony), 
  • a biretta,
  • an alumni badge,
  • a gift with SGH logo,

  • a letter of congratulations,
  • a tube box,
  • snacks
  • the set of photos and videos of the ceremony to be downloaded from the website



​Please register by 31 October the latest. We will close the registration at 1 p.m. 

We encourage you to register early.


 sgh alumni club


In other to become a member of the SGH Alumni Club please fill in the declaration of membership available on-line.

Become the Member today and enjoy the benefit of discount fee for a graduation ceremony and receive a free Alumni Card during the event.

We do not send confirmations of successful registration to the Club.


 contact us


Kinga Polak-Gibuła

al. Niepodległości 162
Building G, room 134
02-554 Warszawa
tel. (+48) 22 564 99 07
Office hours: 8.00-16.00


 graduation ceremony in previous years


Do you hesitate whether to come to the ceremony? Have a look at short videos and gallery of photos and make your decision today!  




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